Retired Teacher Leaves The Villagers Puzzled After Shockingly Revealing This About His Wife's Death


Residents of a remote Village in Migori county were shocked when a retired teacher in his early seventies revealed what everyone never expected from him.

Mr Edward (not his actual name) was celebrating his 72nd birthday and invited his villagers plus all his children for a joint celebration given that he is a highly respected man in the society.

As soon as the people had gathered, He informed them that these a secret he wanted to disclose to them and that it's been disturbing him for long.

The father of six whose wife died in 2003 revealed that he was responsible for his wife's death which happened under unclear circumstances.

Photo courtesy of a past incident.

He said, "I was responsible for my wife's death". Everyone was puzzled remembering how kind hearted the late madam teacher was.

He went ahead to explain that a friend of him asked him to sacrifice his wife so as to make him rich, something he regrets to date.

"I had a friend from Tanzania who was very rich and one day as we were enjoying ourselves in a bar in Migori town, he told me to kill my wife so that i would e even richer than him", he said.

He continued by saying that he struggled his wife two days later and went to his friend informing him that he had done just as they agreed.

However, since the burial of his late wife in May 2003, Edward says he has never known peace neither has he set eyes on his deceitful friend again.

"I have kept this secret to my children but now i feel I should open up", he said.

Everyone was left wondering how this respected clan leader had managed to do this to his wife.

He however asked his children and the villagers to forgive him citing Satan's temptation to his unbelievable act.

Inside sources revealed that on of his daughters threatened to report thate matter to the police so that the old man could pay for his deeds.

Some members of the village however had a different opinion, urging the girl to let the matter go because the man was old enough to be locked in the police custody.