Top ten senior high schools in Ghana


This year's list has changed bery little. Overall, Saint James Seminary in Brong-Ahafo topped the list with an average pass rate of 98.80%. School performance has remained above 97% in the last five years (99.49% in 2014, 98.69% in 2015, 97.75% in 2017) Most of the high schools that entered the top 10 are still intact, but John Teye Pastor Memorial School won 10th place with an 80% pass rate this year. This is the only private school to make the top 10 this year. Galaxy International School is the second best private school in Ghana, ranking 16th with an average pass rate of 77.46%. Wesely Girls High School is still the leader of the best girls' school, followed closely by the Saint Child College. In 2017, Holico's approval rate was 90.69%, while Wesely Girls' approval rate was 86.86%. At this rate, Holy Child College will surpass Wesely Girls High School and become the best girls' school in the next few years. Saint Roses SHS, St. Louis SHS and Aburi Girls are the remaining girls' schools in the top 20.

1.St. James Seminary Senior High Schools once again ranked among the best this year. This little-known school in the Brong-Ahafo area has maintained its leadership position for the past five years. In the past five years, they topped the list with an average approval rate of 98.80%. In 2017, of the 267 students submitted, 261 were eligible for college education

2.St. James Senior High follows the Saint Francis Xavier Junior seminary from the highest region of West Ghana. In recent times, this school gave anger for its academic talent. They were also constantly placed in the five best schools for some years. The average rate of 94.97% has increased. The last degree was eligible for university education between 77 students. 

3.The third place is Opoku Ware High School, commonly known as "OWASS". l The school is located in Fankyenebra near Santasi in the Ashanti region and is one of the best schools in the Ashanti region. In 2017, of the 866 students submitted, 739 received a university education. This marks an impressive 85.33% average pass rate in the past five years.

4.ALMIGHTY GEY Create four in the list. In many cases, it was considered as the best school in Japan, and the whole school of girls of Cape Coast was constantly at the top of five schools in the last 10 years. It is an academic power plant, it is known for its constant discipline. Of the 428 students announced in 2017, 371 were eligible for college education. This represents an average approval rate of 88.23%, which can be admired in the last five years

5.Another female school of Cape Coast follows 5th. In 2017, our Lady High School announced 419 qualification students to enter the university 2017. We also appeared in 5 years in 2016. Average 87.53% in the last five years.

6.The famous "Zebra Boy" ranks sixth on the list, with an average approval rate of 86.31 in the past five years. Of the 809 students submitted in 2017, 674 were eligible for admission. It has always been ranked among the best high schools. It is worth mentioning that based on the quality of education, student participation, strength and alumni activities, Adisadel College ranked 10th among the 100 best high schools in Africa in the 2003 Africa Yearbook. School profile, Internet visibility, and news

7.Commonly known as "PERSCO", St. Peter's SHS ranked seventh with a support rate of 84.81% in the past five years. They are located in the town of Nkwatia Kwahu in Kwahu Ridge. They are arguably the best school in the eastern region. In 2017, 375 out of 452 students were eligible for university education.

8.Kids in Green, another top school in the central region of Ghana, ranked 8th in the most recent ranking, with an average pass rate of 83.06 over the past five years. Of the 666 registered students, 566 were eligible for higher education in 2017

9.The only private school in the top ten, the Rev. John Teye Memorial Institute is ranked 9. Among the 50 registered students, 40 students are eligible for college education. This Ovanco school has achieved an average percentage of 81.96 in the last five years.

10.Notre Dame SHS is located in the Upper East region of Ghana and has been greatly improved in recent years. They entered the top ten with an average approval rate of 81.64% over the past five years. Of the 136 students registered in 2017, 126 were eligible to enter college.