Pictures showing that the rain does not stop people from partying

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Festive holiday are around the corner and everyone will be celebrating in their own different ways, and if the is one thing black people are good at is to party until they can't anymore.

Weather it rains or not the is no way you are going to stop a party from happening, if the drinks are there and music is there then its a party.

It's pretty obvious that this guy had a wonderful time regardless of the mud.

Here it's obvious that they used crates to stand on them ,I think they felt they can't leave when they are having so much fun so they had to improvise.

This is crazy guys , I mean they partied in a place like this , but how?.

Here you can see that these girls were dancing and having so much fun, it's pretty obvious that they were dancing on the mud with no care in the world.

Source: Facebook

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