How To Maintain Your Dignity As A Wife


A lot of guys go into numerous dating or courtship relationships before choosing a wife out of the many women.

And before guys of this nature will do that, then it means their choice is worthy of that office as a wife.

Those guys are very selective and before they choose someone they know the person is the best and therefore their expectations of such a woman is superb.

Therefore if you are a wife, have it in mind that you have been chosen as the best among the rest and therefore you need to deliver your best. Good luck to all wives.

In my article, I want to address 3 ways a wife can maintain her dignity to the expectations of the husband.

1. Maintain the standard in which he married you

When you were courting there were certain things your husband use to tell you as the good side of you.

Sometimes he may even tell you it's a character he has never met any girl with before.

My dear wife, please this revelation should be a gold bar for you to stand on after marriage because it's that which made you the queen of your husband.

Never ever stop that because he has married you now. Make sure you use this character to maintain your dignity in your marriage.

2. Maintain the respect

No man will marry a woman who doesn't respect him. So one other thing or behavior you should hold on to is the respect you showed him during courtship.

No matter what happens never reduce the respect standard you have put there in the relationship.

There's a saying that real love is not based on romance, candle light dinner. It is based on respect, compromise, care and trust!

Maintain this dignity and no one can take your place in your marriage.

3. Be faithful in all your endeavors

Faithfulness is a tree that bears different beautiful fruits.

To be faithful in your marriage is not just about being with your husband alone. 

But being faithful in the issues of money, family issues and everything that has to do with your marriage.

Know that your fiance married you and changed your status to be wife because of a kind of faithfulness he saw in you.

Maintain that dignity and you will definitely achieve your purpose of getting married to no man apart from your husband.

God bless all my readers.

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