We have taken two children already- Four years old boy’s kidnapper makes a jaw-dropping revelation


Kidnappers and robbers are working hand in hand in this country and it’s time for Ghanaians to stand up and step up their game. The kidnappers are currently not demanding for any ransoms and this is beginning to scare mother, parents, siblings and loved ones of people who could become victims at any time. These kidnappers are snatching children from the streets and are using them for purposes different from what we have assumed. 

We have witnessed several murder incidents but it seems the battle against them has no effect due to the adamant behaviors of these kidnappers. Few days ago, we witnessed the horrible kidnap and terrifying scene of a young boy of about four years old being kidnapped by a young man. This was a horrible scene seeing this young boy who couldn’t utter any words crying undertone and not being able to express himself. 

This is what has broken the hearts of Ghanaians. This is an incident which has called for immediate attention into the crimes that are currently ongoing. The fact that a young boy could suffer this horrible incident is an issue of inhumanity. The young man called Michael Agyemang is the person who engaged in this horrible act. He was severely beaten at Odeneho-Kwadaso in the Ashanti region. 

After his arrest, new confession from him reveals that he had earlier kidnapped about two kids and had collected monies from the families of these kids some years ago but this wasn’t as intense as what he has involved himself in at the moment and that’s because he was young at that time. The young man said, We have taken two children already and we collected money from the families before releasing them. 

He revealed that he was working with a group before they parted ways where he had the opportunity to kidnap for people who were beloved to be using these innocent children for rituals. The Kwadaso police have kept him under tight security for the appropriate punishment to be meted out to him. 

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