For Men: Here Are 4 Diseases That Can Make A Man Unable To Get A Woman Pregnant

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When a man or woman can't have children, this is called infertility. Living a healthy lifestyle or not treating a health problem could be to blame. You need to read this article all the way to the end to find out what can cause male infertility and how to treat it.

Some of the disorders that can keep a man from becoming a father will be talked about in this piece. You might not be able to get a woman pregnant if you have any of these conditions, so stay with this article and learn something new if you have any of them.

Diseases that stop a man from having a child with his wife:

It's more likely for men who have the sexually transmitted disease Gonorrhea to have trouble having a baby. If you are a man and get this infection and don't get it treated, it's very likely that you won't be able to have a woman.

The virus chlamydia can cause male infertility if it is not treated. With an infected woman, having sex with a man who isn't safe could spread the disease to him, Chlamydia can cause burning and itching when you urinate, as well as a lot of other things that aren't good. There is a chance that if it's not taken care of for a long time, it can cause infertility in both men and women.

If the veins in your testicles get bigger, you have varicocele. Possible: If the veins in your scrotal sac get bigger, you might not be able to have children. If you have varicose veins and your scrotum hurts or swells, you should get medical help. Whether or not you have infertility isn't a factor.

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