If You are a true Nigerian then your Mother Must have used these 8 lines at one point or the other.


Mothers are unique in every ramifications. Their importance cannot be overlooked in anyway. One of the reasons is because mothers are natural Pathfinders, when something appears unworkable they always seem to find an alternative around it. Aside being Pathfinders mothers are also disciplinarians. They can't afford to see their child derailing from acceptable moral standards. Sometimes these disciplinary measures seem extreme while sometimes it is a mere warning or reminder.

That brings us eight lines you must have heard your mother use as a Nigerian.

This particular line is almost like a cliche, if your mother haven't said this to you then you've just not been observing.

This line is only said to the younger generation, after a serious beating session you will still be dared to cry. Nigerian mum's are unique.

Ok when the crying is getting overwhelming and they need you to stop, they use the food technique which they reffer to as beating the child with the right hand and petting with the left.

When you are no longer a child but you are still misbehaving they simply give you this line and the brain resets.

The two head question. When you thought you did something really good and you are happy and proud to share with your mom and then she strikes you with this question.

I wonder why mothers always have issues with adolescents pressing phones. You will he like 'mum I have malaria' and then her reply is 'why won't you have malaria when you will press phone from morning till night'?.

The eye signal technique. This is the summary of every thing. This look can communicate a whole message without her saying a single word.

Nigerian mum's are the absolute best. If you love the queen that bore you feel free to drop a heart.

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