Do You Still Remember Ayo And Teo? Check Out Their Recent Photos And Songs

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Do you still remember Ayleo and mateo better known as Ayo & Teo check out some of their recent songs and photos and know how they are doing.

Ayo and teo frist debuted after they released their hit song titled 'Rolex' and it hit top 20 on billboard back then, but before that Ayo and teo have been appearing in some music videos and songs to show off their incredible dancing skills. And now they are already dropping their own songs and videos. Check out some of their recent songs this 2020.

Bring a friend

Feelin' Good


Around the world

Cuss You Out

Ayo and teo are mostly known for their amazing dancing moves and their signature 'Face mask' look. They wear face mask alot and they said it's already part of them. They have a net worth of more than $2 million and they are currently living a good life, buying cars and living their life to the fullest as they drop songs and videos all the time.

Check out some of their recent photos.

As you can see they are currently living well and making every bit of life count, watch out cause they are going to be dropping more songs and videos so make sure you don't miss out. Both Ayo and teo have more than 2 million followers on their instagram page where they drop their recent updates. Indeed this two dancers are throughly lucky.

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