"I Was Not Tricked" MC Jessy Opened up on Why DP Ruto Rejected His Parliamentary Bid

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Comedian who recently turned to Politician, Hon Jasper Muthomi, popularly known as MC Jessy, has opened up on why he decided to dump United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party and contest for South Imenti's parliamentary seat as an independent candidate.

He has revealed that he was heart-broken when Deputy president William Ruto told him to drop his parliamentary bid in favor of Hon Kathaara, claiming that the later was the most preferred candidate in the Constituency.

But according to MC Jessy, some individuals of high ranks in UDA party watered down his influence in the area and gave a report to deputy president William Ruto that Mr Kathaara was the most popular parliamentary aspirant. This, according to MC Jessy, was the main reason he was overlooked by UDA.

"I was not tricked; somebody lied to the DP Ruto about MC Jessy in South Imenti Constituency. William Ruto was not depending on his own knowledge. He was depending on his soldiers," said Mr Muthomi.

After failing to get the UDA ticket, MC Jessy was offered a role in Ruto's presidential campaign team but he declined noting that the designation did not line up with his ambition to serve the people of South Imenti.

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