Ten Funny Joke and pictures


1) Honestly I'm not happy this morning I was setting a voice password on my phone.

a big barked in front of me and ran away 

now am looking for the bog to unlock my phone.

2) husband and wife do silent in bed 

wife thinking:

why is he not talking to me?

is he seeing someone else?

is he thinking of another woman?

don't I appeal to him anymore?

is he trying to dump me?

is he finding me ugly?

dose my make up repel him this days?

he didn't speak to me since he came in?

I know his mother doesn't like me 

maybe they are arranging another wife for him

this is how I will end up a single mother........?

God, please save my marriage.

why is he Soo upset ?

she gathered courage and ask him

"honey why you didn't speak to me since you came back, what did I do to deserve all dis?" 

tears on her eyes 

The husband turns and look at her with his red eyes, angry face, and then angrily replied.....

"How on earth could Manchester city beat 

Liverpool 4-1. in anfield and we have Mohammed sallah, sadio mane and Roberto fermino on the pitch.....

women can worry too far😂😂😂😂

3) I saw one of my primary school teacher and she was smiling at me expecting me to greet her, she did know that God had saved her because the kind of cane I would have used on her eh just got old time sake

4) people burn on February 29th should come and explain how they got there birthday as a carryover 

5)I too know is when you buy something of 500 and give 1000 to the seller, after pressing the calculator the seller give back 750 as change 

6) my friend just brought a brand new car without telling me the worst part is that I don't like the color at all how do I tell him now 

7) may God undying love be with you always, this new month will favor you and your family, you will find good people will you and not just people looking for urgent 2k in Jesus name


8) problem

 is when you are disturbing everyone with loud music and you remembered you downloaded porn last night and you need to watch it than quickly off the music, enter your room and started watching it in minimum volume forgetting to turn off your Bluetooth

9) come and eat is an invitation to sit and wait till I finish eating or live if you like please if I don't repeat it don't eat o , to avoid calling me fake friend online 

10) I too know 

is when your teacher is copying on the board

and mistakenly write to to on the board and you stood up to correct the teacher and the teacher vasked you to read it out loud because he/she can not see the error 

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