Tension Experienced In Executive Meeting As ODM Ally Sospeter Ojaamong Blames His Officers For This


When we talk about development, we revolve around the economic, social and political advancement in a region. Busia county government has been adjusting it's gears to ensure that they develop in accordance to vision 2030. It quite unfortunate that Busia county has no University yet; but we expect it in the upcoming years among other big projects.

Sospeter Ojaamong who is the Busia county governor for the second term is tightening his belt to ensure he leaves a good legacy.

Today, Sospeter has shown his anger on his executive for letting his projects on standstill. According to Busia County Facebook page, Ojaamong has directed his concern to his executive for letting him on ransom.

Addressing the county Executive committee members at Busia Agricultural Training Centre , he said that they were not performing to his expectations.

" I have given you the budget but am suprised there is no water, the officer concerned has failed to give me convincing reasons," the govenor says.

He added," I will not entertain officers who hide files for some clients with ulterior motives."

The governor rescheduled the meeting to Wednesday this week. He ordered them to prepare the ongoing projects status that will be presented on the next meeting.

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