[PICTURES]: Man Goes Viral On The Internet After He Was Captured On Camera Doing This.


One of the few ways people make friends in society or a group is through socialization. Birthday parties, pool parties, wedding ceremonies, beaches, and other social events help people make friends.

Wedding ceremonies are organized by responsible men and women who have decided to marry and invite friends and loved ones to witness their union.

Ghanaians, like any other nation, have their way of doing things and doing what their culture dictates. Culture, on the other hand, is diverse, and Ghana's culture has been phenomenal in terms of wedding ceremonies, with a directly proportional expense.

People from all walks of life, whether the man's or the woman's family, gather to celebrate the couple's union during the ceremony.

A picture posted on social media and trending has to do with a man caught on camera dressing a beautiful ladies her during the ceremony. Take a look at the pictures below.

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