Bad News to Clients as Twilight Girls Hike Price For Their Services Due to Current Economic Hardship

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Mombasa County twilight girls have left their clients in shock after hiking the price of their services due to current economic hardship in the country.

According to their leader by the name Lucy Kiragu, the services that used to be paid Ksh 300 will now be hiked to Ksh 500.

For a full package, the price will be hiked from the normal Ksh 500 to Ksh 1000,where services without protection, the client will be required to pay Ksh 3000.

The new rules will be applied from Thursday where the twilight leader has also notified their clients on the prices and what they are expected to do.

They also claim that the number of clients have reduced drastically due to the current economic hardship hence clients should follow the new rules to enjoy the services.

They have also warned those clients who might be planning to resist on paying the prices listed, they will face disciplinary actions.

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