"Should I eat this?" What a lady found inside her KitKat got people talking. See comments.

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What a lady found inside her kitkat chocolate bar left her questionable. We all love chocolate once in a while and whatever brand you choose you expect the best but that was not the case this time around as a lady was left with the question " guys should I eat this?" See her post down below.

From the look of things, the chocolate bar doesn't look good as it usual is but strange. Someone on the comments even said that it looks like it has rash. According to the lady the kitkat was not expired, it tasted like chocolate but a bit stale. In kitkat brand response this is what they had to say in their defense, read down below:

Hi Katleho. We apologise for the negative experience you had with our brand. Please let us know where it was bought, the batch codes and the dates, Also your contact details so that we may contact you.

People had a lot to say with regards to this. See some of their comments down below.

Would you it this kitkat if you found it like this? Comment down below your thoughts.

Source https://twitter.com/KatlehoMolai1/status/1440986739145838598?s=08

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