Teachers in Dilemma Following Reviewed Order From The Ministry Ahead of Opening of Schools


The Government is scaling up its efforts to ensure that all the Kenyan students achieve their academic dreams.The Government has been strict on the whereabouts of the students.Education CS and other Education officials have been walking door to door to ascertain the genuineness of the form one beneficiaries of the Elimu Schorlaships.

2020 Education calendar is ending next week by Friday when the schools will be closed.Term one 2022 is set to start on 26th July.The 2021 KCPE and KCSE registrations are going on until the end of July.These candidates will do their national Examinations in March through to April.

The Government has already released over Ksh 6 billion that is set to start off the opening of schools.However,this money is just part of what was to be for the 2020 academic calendar.On day one of the release of this money,the Principals immediately said that this money would go towards the debts that have been accrued as they waited for the dibursements.

This term has been hard for the school principal as far as the school fees is concerned.Parents had been accused of laxity in paying the school fees.This forced CS Professor George Magoha to give an order to the Principals to send all students who had fee balances home.

Following the release of the funds to schools, Education CS Professor Magoha has again directed the schools not to send the students home.This now puts the teachers in dilemma on whether they will send students home for fees or not.Now that some of them will use part of this capitation fees in clearing the debts,some schools may definately run out of cash thus leaving them in dilemma again.

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