"We Have Warned The Principal Never to Set Foot In This School Again" Angry Parents Warn School Head

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The schools are suffering from fire outbreaks which are orchestrated by the students themselves.The Government has been trying to give tough measures but the rogue students are still adamant.Even after being given half-term,some schools are still getting closed after threats of getting torched by the students themselves.

Some principals have also been accused of running the schools in a way that makes the students unhappy.Most of the torchings have been blamed on failure by the principals to listen to the students' cries.Parents and students from AIC Ndune secondary school in Embu are up in arms.They are accusing the school principal of poor management of the institution besides too much drinking.

K24 digital has established that the said principal can at times call for a board meeting only to disappear and go to drink alcohol thus leaving the board members in dilemma.Apart from this,the parents are accusing the principal of being indisciplined and harasses female students whenever he is drunk.The parents are now threatening to withdraw their children from the school.

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