One thing you should never do while driving Automatic car.

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Automatic cars have increased in popularity since they are easy to drive. For people who are starting to drive beginning with automatic car it is so easy to gain control of the car.

The manual car comes with a lot of involvement since you have to deal with the clutch and the gear lever. This posts a challenge to people who are not used to it.

But some people do not understand how some bad practices in driving automatic car would have an advance negative and expensive effects in the long run.

There is a conception that shifting to neutral gear while driving on a slope helps one to save on fuel consumption. Today i want to tell you that shifting to neutral gear when the car is still moving is risky.

The moment you engage drive again and the car is moving your gears undergo a wear and tear. This may never be realized immediately but as time goes by you will start hearing cracking noises in the gearbox as you engage drive.

This cracking noise is as a result if gear teeth that have worn out so they are struggling to mesh or bond together.

Unlike manual cars where you can put it into free gear down hill and safely engage back any gear you want since you have to press the clutch. The moment you release the clutch the gears have already interlinked safely.

The main function of the neutral gear in automatic cars is to isolate the engine from the drive shafts so that the wheels can move freely in case you want to push the car freely when the engine is off. 403 Pushing Broken Down Car Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images -  iStock

So only put the neutral gear when the car engine is off and you want the car to slide or be pushed. Learn how to maximize the life span of your car gear box.

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