Department of Health takes legal action against parents of the 10 babies


South Africa as a whole was left with their eyes wide open, as they found out that there is a woman who gave birth to 10 babies in a single go. It is a feet which is beyond extraordinary to say the least.

However, it seems that everyone has been lied to on national television. The department of Health has issued out a public letter to state that what the couple was telling the world was a lie.

"we have decide to do thorough investigations, and we looked at the records of all our hospitals and clinics and we can conclude that there is no record of such an incident ever happening at our clinics or hospitals. We are not saying that they are lying, we are saying that if it did happen then it was never recorded" said the department of health in a statement.

here is the full statement:

A lot of people argue that the department could be right, because given how the country cannot keep a secret; this story would have broken out before the babies came. The family have issued out a statement welcoming the 10 children but the problem is that in the statement, the name of the hospital is nowhere to be found:

It is said that the department of Health will look to take legal action against them for misleading the public.