Tanzania Catholic Association gives out Measures on how Catholic Churches can Conduct Services


Photo: Dr Charles Kitima (Source/Courtesy of Millard Ayo tv)

Tanzania Association of Catholic Priests (TEC) has given out new Dir on how Catholic Churches can Conduct Services, so that they can avoid Airborne Diseases i.e. Covid-19.

Through it's Secretary General Dr Charles Kitima they have urged all the Catholic Churches and other Dominions to take precautions against the Covid-19 Disease. Since Covid-19 is among the Airborne diseases.

" The lives of the people of Tanzania is more Important than our personal interests. I as the Catholic Priest and the Secretary General of the Tanzania Catholic Priesthood Association. I would to ask all the Catholic Churches to follow the rules of Covid-19. So that we can curb the deaths of our people." Said Dr Charles

Tanzania Government through President John Joseph Pombe Magufuli dismissed the Covid-19 pandemic, and he went own asking his Citizens to move on with their daily Activities without any fear of getting infected with the Corona Virus.

For more prove and clarification follow this link and watch the video https://youtu.be/ncBCf9D_LDY

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