Sad News To Bread Consumers And Bodaboda Business Men After Government Announces These Step


In today's newspaper there are sad new to Kenyans from the government. This is after the cabinet secretary for treasury raised concerns of increasing tax on such commodities.

Bread Consumers are likely to part with a bread for over Kshs 70 if parliament approved the new budget. Before Uhuru Kenyatta's time, the bread was costing kshs 28. Currently its costing kshs 55 in almost all markets. In the next two months it will be costing kshs 70 in the market. Other edible commodities to increase in price will be wheat, sugar, rice and salt.

At the same time the price of a motorcycle is likely to go higher in the new proposals. The government is likely to double the tax it's levying the business for now. Of successful then many will stop buying new motorcycles. The business is likely to slowly die and many will be jobless. The price of oil is also likely to go higher.

The government is in dire need to raise the new cash for the new budget. Yattan has a budget of Kshs 3.6 trillion. Most of the funds will come from the Kenyan tax system. This means several of commodities will be taxed hence increasing the cost.

The government is for the first time promising to create over a million jobs to the citizens. We wish them all the best.