"I Wish My Mother Was Alive, This is Not The Life I Wanted" Young Man Emotionally Narrates


Ancet Mukaya has been living in the streets for the last two years despite the fact that he passed KCSE examinations with flying colors and got admitted to Strathmore university to study accounting.

He never imagined living in the streets but when his mom passed on, this has been the hard reality for him. His dream of becoming an accountant was cut short since he had no one to pay for his school fees.

Sadly, he broke his leg and has been living in the streets with a rotting leg since he can not afford medical care.

Ancet is now appealing to well wishers to help him get medical care and raise school fees for him so that he can continue with his education. He has great hope that his future will be bright if he gets a chance to go back to school.

Watch Ancet's interview on Tuko talks here; https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=gHFJWeBqy80

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