Ali Must Change This Shoe Before Shamima Dumps Him.


Appearance is very invaluable. That’s they say the first impression counts. Most ladies out there love men who dress neat and decent. Well, even guys can be wowed by another guy when the dressing is on point.

Ali of Date Rush just landed himself a voluptuous and pretty lady. From all indications, the competition is going to be a fiercely one and Ali wouldn’t stand a chance if he keeps this and other similar kinds of this shoe in his closet.

On Sunday, May 16, 2021, Ali, the man nobody thought is getting a date yet just got chosen by the voluptuous Shamima. The decision by Shamima swept many Ghanaians off their feet. The impression was that Desmond would be chosen considering how short he is and Shamima holding his mic for him to talk. And for the records, Shemima loves short guys.

Well, all the 9 guys and a legion of other Ghanaians were dying to have Shamima in their beds. So, Ali should keep his game on point before his 30 days fasting miracle evaporate.