Rayvanny's Alleged New Lover And Her Mother Become Laughing Stock


Harmonize and actress Frida Kajala were among the most admired couples in Tanzania before their unexpected breakup. Despite a lot of pressure from netizens, none of them opened up to reveal the cause of their breakup. However, after a conversation that has been exposed by singer Rayvanny, who is said to be presently dating the actress's daughter (Paula Kajala), it is evident that their breakup was caused by Harmonize conversing beyond boundaries with Paula. In the screenshots shared, it is like the self-proclaimed Tembo us trying to have a relationship with the actress as well as the daughter at the same time. See the screenshots below:This expose seems to have been aimed at dragging Harmonize as well as his music label down and tainting his image. However, netizens have taken a different turn as most of them are blaming the actress and her daughter Paula. Mange Kimambi, for example, has analyzed the conversation and according to her, the screenshots show that Paula has been in a relationship with Harmonize before, and he wasn't approaching her for the first time. She went ahead to blame the actress for poorly raising her daughter Paula and this was further supported by netizens who felt that she was speaking the truth. Here are screenshots showing her post as well as netizens' reactions:More netizens joined in and blamed the lady as well as her mother instead of pointing fingers at Harmonize as was expected. Here are screenshots showing netizens making fun of the two ladies:Do you also think the actress and her daughter are to be blamed for the scandal?

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