Twitter followers amazed after noticing Mama Rachel Ruto's female bodyguard

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Picture courtesy: Mama Rachel Ruto, EGH Twitter

Deputy President's wife Mama Rachel Ruto today took it to her Twitter account to inform her followers of the the various women empowerment program meetings she had attended today, the programs under Joyful Women are meant to uplift women all over the country by offering them affordable loans and trading equipments.

One of the things that the followers did not fail to notice was the female bodyguard who appeared in one of Mama Rachel's pictures, the tall lady who was in a black suit carried Mama Rachel's handbag and walked right besides her as she ran through her errands.

Ladies are rarely employed by leaders as their bodyguards as this job is mostly dominated by their male counterparts, this show from Mama Rachel was one of a kind as it emphasizes on the point that both genders should be offered the same opportunity.

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