Cheating Scandals Led To One Body Bag

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Fatal attraction has led to too many dead bodies and are victims of gender based violence. Most fight occur over cheating partners, insecurities and others get killed for insurance monies.

Gender Based Violence movements were started as the deaths of women and children increased , were man and women walked kilometers to raise awareness.


Cheating scandal have led to the death of one human soul. She was stabbed to death and the suspect needs psychological treatment as it is alleged that he killed her then slept with her on the bed .Apparently the cheating word is used to cover his insecurities because the lady was not cheating but chatting with other man.

Public's Opinion

The public is not surprised as these kind of incidents gets reported on a daily basis but also stated that the suspect needs professional help as they believe he suffers from mental illness. They are also concerned about the current government leadership .It is alleged that it is not doing anything to stop crime and even foreign nationals know that South Africa is a play ground for criminal.

Author's Opinion

There are brutal criminals who deserve to be locked up for a very long time and there are those who are not it the right state of mind though it does not change the fact that they are all murderers and justice must be served. Say no to gender based violence ! Stop killing our mothers and children!

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