R720 child support grant condition - see if you will get R720 grant per month

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Check if you will be eligible for a R720 child support award each month.

SASSA has stated that mothers eligible for the R720 extended child support stipend must meet certain conditions.

Everyone has cried out for the grant to be increased, especially mothers. Growing a child isn't easy. They require clothing, food, and money in order to purchase food at school, which is not a requirement.

All of the aforementioned require funds, but will R480 suffice? It is self-evident that the answer is no.

SASSA on Twitter: ""As soon as the new regulations to the Social Assistance Act of 2004 are published in the next few days, SASSA will be able to give relatives caring for orphaned children with the expanded child support payment of R720 per child per month."" / Twitter

However, the unfortunate reality is that only orphaned children's mothers will be eligible for such a monthly payment. It isn't intended for all mothers. However, it would have been ideal if it had been designed for all mothers, as it would have aided in the proper rearing of children.

How do you feel about this? What are your thoughts on limiting the extension to orphaned children's caregivers?


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