Date Rush:Couple goals or not


Date rush has really help many people to meet their loved ones.

 We have many Television stations in Ghana which are known to be hosting new television series every month and year.But to further notice now,one television station well known in Ghana as TV3 has brought out a nice program.

 As already known,TV3 has brought an interesting program with the name "Date Rush" where people are meeting their loved ones and planning for marriage with them.

And to me I guess this series is a good and interesting series which should be maintained in Ghana here.TV3 is known as "First in news,Best in Entertainment"and that is true.Date rush is improving marriage and love in Ghana which may help Ghanaians in some great come.

 I wish the president of the Republic of Ghana have to support Date Rush and alongside Rush energy drink.

 TV3 is really helping Ghanaians in many ways by bringing series and programs so Ghanaians must watch and support TV3(First in news,Best in Entertainment).

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