She turned into a laughing stock after posting her pics saying she is beautiful. See comments below

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There is no need for all social networks to let individuals know how to break someone’s spirit, no matter how hard it is for individuals to strive to be positive they will continue to find someone. ways to get rid of it without also considering how others feel.

 Does this mean that now for someone to take an image and post it on social networks they should be the best if you are not good when you have to post your photos of yourself? If you share them with individuals on social media they will discover a way to attract you.

 A woman who passed on the name SamMoyo on Twitter needed her account on social networks and included, Guys me I look strange and I want to share it with you all. It was as if he was stating something, I don’t think it was right that he was being positive on social networks because the subsequent statements were so embarrassing that it was like they were spending for what he was stating.

 Individuals are cruel and no matter how you try them, they can never change that for what they are. Social network individuals are bullies. And they don’t understand that this bullying can sacrifice someone to commit suicide because of the fact that they don’t understand the length of time it takes someone to build that self-confidence and here they are breaking it down in just one day.

 He wouldn’t have had that treatment, I asked if he would recover after being so well that they didn’t break his spirit.

 I question what comes to their mind when they comment, and they tend to forget that some women are like this now because they’re carrying a 9-month-old baby, and it’s challenging to lose weight quickly. child. They need to stop judging unfairly.

 Body humiliation is a distant memory, as individuals, we need to understand that there are things you can’t say to individuals especially when it comes to their appearance. The fact that you believe or look much better than others does not offer you the right to harm other people, simply. It’s always a good idea to believe before something starts.

 High levels of filth on social networks, there is no other way that someone can publish a photo without having to express something unfavorable, no matter how beautiful. that you can be social media individuals who can always find something and statement without thinking about how other individuals feel.

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