Chelsea Key Player Believes The Following On Chelsea’s Road Trip To UCL And Premier League


Chelsea's player, Ben Chilwell, performance has risen. The past matches showed great potential and confidence. He scored the last crucial goal first league Clash Against Porto. He mentioned that half the job has been done, and there is more to work on.

Ben Chilwell says the two-goal advantage is very important and the away goals could prove crucial, but adds the job is not done.

He said there is no room for complacency when we face Porto in the second leg of the champions league quarter final.

Ben Chilwell commented on the way other players played in the training as this relates to how competitive it will be today. Ben Chilwell acknowledged that he is a different player under Tuchel due to playing at wing-back and not full-back. He wants to improve his game in that area.

Truly, Chelsea's players now should work more than these score spectacular goals and make the team to be top in the table.


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