Charity Group's Heartwarming Gesture During Ramadan (Photos)


The Charity group on Sunday made new strides by going out of their way to touch the hearts of the needy during the Ramadan period.

Mama Ibado Charity organisation began a four day food donation to muslim families that can't afford a proper meal.

Donations from Mama Ibado Charity group

Their mission targeted 1000 families in Isolo county.

Isiolo County residents on a busy day

The organisation's Field Officer Leyla Mohamed expressed that the situation of the families within the county had been made more difficult with the Covid pandemic.

Families within Bulapesa, Shambani, Kambi Odha, Kambi ya juu, Tuluroba and Kiwanjani villages are set to highly benefit from the program.

During the donation exercise that took place two days ago, households received foodstuffs such as maize and wheat flour, rice, pasta, sugar, tea leaves, salt and cooking oil.

Mama Ibado Charity food donations exercise

A mother and her child during the Mama Ibado donation exercise

A lady going home with the donation acquired from Mama Ibado Charity group

Abdi Dida who is the Chief of Isolo Central Location, echoed Leyla Mohammed's remarks on the severe situation facing the families in the areas.

Dida was thankful for the timely intervention of Mama Ibado Charity group and articulated that other establishments should emulate the gesture of the organisation.

"Other organizations and even individuals  should share with the less privileged members of the community," remarked the Chief.