Meet the only player to be sent off because he farted during play.


Football is truely an entertaining game. It is a game full of drama and interesting things that occur during the 90 minutes of play.

Many players have gone on injuries, some have even died while playing the game of football, but one thing almost all football fans knows is the booking mode.

Every football fans should know that a player can receive a yellow card if he commits and offence, and that player can receive a red card if further offence is to be committed by him.

In this article, I will show you a player that received a red card because he farted during play.

The player in question is named Adam Lindin Ljungkvist, and the incident happened in 2016 when he was playing for Pershagensk, and he was shown two Yellow cards because he farted.

Adam said he was baffled by the decision but he had to do that because he was having a bad stomach. The referee said he sent Adam off for deliberate provocation and unsportmanlike behavior.

That seems to be the most hilarious reasons of being sent off ever.