Checkout the health benefits of foods and fruits that are cultivated in Northern Nigeria


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Nigeria is made up of six Geo political zones and each region is know for a particular product example oil in the South South, Palm oil in the South East etc. Below are fruits and foods that are cultivated in Northern Nigeria and their health benefits.

Tiger nut

Also know as aya in Hausa, akiawusa in Igbo and Ofio in Yoruba. This nut contains a whole lot of natural vitamins and minerals which are very good for the body. Filled with anti - oxidants which protects the body against diseases, tiger nut is recommended for everybody including young and old, it is also good for men's health.


Sugarcane water is recommended for people suffering from urinary tract issues. being extremely rich in minerals, sugarcane helps prevent bad breath and tooth decay.


Dates contain very large amounts of natural sugars like glucose and sucrose it thereby serves as a good source of energy. Dates are also a very good source of dietary fibre. Coupled with all the amazing health benefits, dates are also sweet. You are recommended to take 5 - 7 dates daily to maintain weight.


Tomatoes are excellent source of vitamin c which improves immunity, skin health and vision. Tomatoes also contain Lycopene which is very good for the eyes. Tomatoes are more nutritious when eaten raw.

Sweet Potatoes

Potatoes contains alpha lipoic acid, a co enzyme which boost overall cognitive health. Sweet potatoes also prevent vitamin A deficiency. Very rich in Iron, zinc and calcium. Potatoes help to develop and maintain bone structure.


Onions helps cleanse the body by producing a natural chemical detoxifier. Onions also produce polyphenols which acts as antioxidants and protects the body from free radicals. It is also good for the eye.


Carrots are excellent source of vitamin A, which enhances good vision. Rich in carotenoids, carrots improve the skin appearance and helps it look younger.


Cucumbers contains 95.2 percent water, eating it helps you stay hydrated, also known as containing fisetin which is an anti - inflammatory substance. Cucumbers are generally used as skincare because it helps slow down ageing.


Also known as peanuts, groundnuts is very rich in phosphorus and potassium. It also contain healthy fats. Groundnuts are very rich in protein and fibre which helps in the conversion of carbohydrates into energy. Contrary to popular Nigerian belief, groundnuts doesn't cause pimples there is no scientific proof to that.

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