Manchester United defender, Wan Bissaka accused of driving Lamborghini while ineligible

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Footballers are role model to many and should portray good examples, being ambassadors of their respective clubs and also, for their fans. But, the above was not the case with this Manchester United player, who was disqualified from driving a car but still went ahead to drive his Lamborghini.

The player is Wan Bissaka. The 23 years old United defender, who is known for his tackle has a date in Stockport magistrate' court scheduled for today.

The right back player is accused of driving his Lamborghini Uris on the A34 Stockport road in June while he was ineligible from getting or holding a driver's license. He's also likely to face a charge of driving without insurance.

The average penalty for driving while disqualified is a minimum of six months in prison, which can be subject to community service. At the time of this write up, the former Crystal Palace player had not enter a plea to the accusations.

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