"Kumbe Ilikuwa Wewe": Netizens React After The Hidden Face Got Revealed


Rashid Abdallah and Wife Loulou Hassan are among the most famous television couple that have gained so much attention from people. They are considered a very good role model for their romantic posts and gestures even on live television.

Despite the fact that they have been married for over fifteen years, heir love still remains unshaken.

In his earlier post, Rashid Abdallah was seen posing for a photo with a lady whose face was hidden. This made many people assume that it maybe someone else other than Lulu Hassan.

This photo made so many people angry at Rashid Abdallah for thinking that he was going to have another wife. According to the Muslim faith, if a man is well of, he is allowed a maximum of four wives.

However, in Lulu's latest post, it was revealed that she was actually the one who was in the photo.

This made those doubting to be relieved. They were seen congratulating the two for continuing to love one another.

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