5 Things You Should Never Do In front Of Your Children

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To our children, we are their first role model. They will respect us depending on how we relate with them and how we teach them. They also what we do and say when they are around us.

There are things we do infront of them assuming that they are still young or it is normal, but actually other things should not not be done infront otherwise they may not respect us as a result of that.

Here is the list of things you should never do infront of your children.

1. You should never undress before them.

Some of us have the habit of undressing ourselves in front of our young children. This is wrong. Never undress before your child above one year. Even if you are of the same gender.

You assume too much about this children, but they don't forget what they see and when they grow up they will not respect you because you didn't respect yourself in the first place.

2. Gossiping about other people in their presence.

It is very bad to gossip about other people. If you are gossiping about other people infront of your children, you are not doing the right thing.

Tomorrow you will find that, this children will be reporting to you about everything happening in your area. Which is a very bad behavior.

They can embarrass you infront of your visitors. You may be discussing important things but they only want to hung around you, after all you have thought them not to respect adult conversation. So when you ask them to leave they don't listen.

3. Releasing gas before them.

It is a natural thing and healthy to release gas but releasing gas infront of your children is a shameful thing to do. Try doing this away from them. Otherwise they will do that infront of your visitors especially when you are at the table.

4. You should not argue with your spouse infront of them. This will affect their psychology and self esteem.

5. Mistreat others infront of them. This will make not to respect others and they also become violent.

Therefore let us be careful with what we do or say infront of our young ones because they do exactly what we do or say. So to get respect and avoid embarrassment from our children let's do things the right way.

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