10 African Countries with Powerful Military Strengths

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In todays article we are going to take a view on tje African countries that are known to be having the strongest military forces in order.

The ranking of the countries has been arrived as per the resources available and the number of security personnel in the military.

Here are the ranking of the top ranking military strengths in Africa.

1. Egypt

Egypt remains the number one strongest military forces due to their large size of military forces. Egypt brags of having more than half a million personell serving in the military forces.

They have nearly 10,000 armored fighting vehicles,1000 aircrafts and over 70,000 logistical vehicles.

2. Algeria

They boast of good military personnel since they own a large maritime border with other countries hence necesitating the upgrading of its military forces.

They have upgraded their military equipments to the moderns and new technologies available. They have upgraded in both land water and air force.

They boast of the second largest personel with 125,000 thousand on the front line and more than 2500 armoured vehicles.

3. South Africa

They are number three as they boast of modernized military personell in africa as they have up to date equipments.

4. Nigeria

Number four in the military ranking as they have almost 200,000 personells apointed by the goverment. Nigeria has more than 300 aircrafts1400 armored vehicles, 360 tankers and 6000 logistical vehicles.

5. Ethiopia

Theyboast of 100,000 personel in the military as they lack a marine time force since its a land locked country. Since they lack marine time forces their resouces have been diverted to develop land and air forces.

6. Angola

Among the best military personell in Africa as the boast of sufficient military equipment. As they have more than 900 armored fighting vehicles, 150 tankers and more than 300 air crafts.

7. Tunisia

Number seven in militart ranking in Africa as they have been part of peace keepings in countries like Rwanda and In Libya.

The boast of modernized equipments such as armoured vehicles, aircrafts, tankers and enough manpower.

8. Kenya

They have been engaged in several peace keeping missions in countries such as Somalia and other countries.

They have naval, land and air forces that keeps peace at the borders.

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