Vim Lady Boldly Drops A Tall List Of Taxes She Paid After Buying Food – Have A Look At The Receipt


The host of Critical Issues on United Television, Afia Pokua who is popularly known as Vim Lady has dropped a receipt containing a tall list of taxes she paid after buying food.

Vim Lady revealed the content of the receipt on his television program this Saturday, May 22, 2021. In the receipt, Vim Lady bought food from one of the popular food joints in Accra but the list of taxes on the receipt, according to her is unimaginable.

She says her total bill for the food was GHC 99 but the tax component constitutes about GHC 17.

“I bought small food for myself and look at the taxes I paid. I bought just oil rice and I paid NHIL, Get fund, tourism levy, and Covid-19 levy. They all totaled GHC 5.79p. Vat is also 12.5 percent amounting to about GHS 11. So I paid about GHC 17 for the small oil rice I bought”. She indicated on the show.

According to the outspoken presenter, she is not scared to pay taxes but citizens must know what the numerous taxes are being used for. She says every developed country thrives on taxes.

”I’m happy to pay my taxes because I’m a responsible citizen. Most countries have developed because of taxes. I pay a lot of taxes and I need to know what those taxes are being used for. People are asking why I did not buy roadside food, but once I’m buying such foods, and receive receipts, I’m paying my taxes. So we must all encourage places where such receipts are issued. But we must find answers to the taxes we are paying. Taxes must reflect the development of the country”. She noted.

She further advised Ghanaians to pay their taxes. She believes that’s the only avenue through which citizens can hold government accountable.

“If the entire country is paying all these taxes, we must be bold to ask the government how our taxes are being invested. We must all be part of the nation-building so that we can pressure the government to fix the challenges.

Vim Lady added that she will continue to speak her mind irrespective of the insults that may follow