Types and Prices of Fake Pregnancy Artificial Silicone.

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The wake of the fake Takoradi kidnap case has brought many questions to mind. Many have wondered how the woman was able to deceive the husband for 9 months without the husband finding out. According to the woman, she gathered money to purchase an artificial pregnancy silicone and wore that for the entire 9months.

Originally, these artificial silicone are supposed to be used extensively for stage and screen performances, adverting, retail, and in some cases, for strengthening emotional bonds as you move forward with a planned surrogate or adoption. Sometimes models use artificial silicone to pose in dresses for pregnant women.

The trick is that they are carefully crafted, ultra-realistic, fake baby bumps that are designed for comfort and realism. Secured to breathable fabric bodysuits the bellies can be worn all day, every day with no chance of anything shifting or falling off. These characteristics made it possible for Josephine to hide things from her husband and also won the support of the public.

The prices of these artificial silicones range from GHS1,473.34 to GHS2,005.37. They come in many colours and sizes. Every skin tone can have its own to wear and feel comfortable with. Although pregnancy comes on a trimester basis, the silicone pregnancy bump sizes come in 3-4months, 5-6months, 7-8months and 8-9months.

Attached are images of the types and sizes that you can familiarize yourself with.

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