Reverend Obofour Reveals Intention to Quit Pastoral Job: This is Why

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Reverend Obofour reveals his intention to quit the Pastoral ministry in an interview. The popular man of God made this revelation on one of his stations.

Reverend Obofour is a pastor of Anointed Palace Chapel and has made this revelation with regards to his pastoral work. He declares that he sometimes sit and think deeply, and regrets getting himself entangled into the pastoral work.

He explained that there is a big problem in the body of Christ. He continues that those who tend to speak boldly are seen as the evil ones.

He further laments that he becomes very sad when he sees other prophets who sell anointing oils and other miracle items point fingers at him. He said this makes him regret joining the Pastoral field.

He clarifies that although he is still in the ministry, he could quit the ministry, seeing these problems involved in ministry.

The renowned pastor went on to compare the activities of politicians to pastors. He explained that politicians could fight in public, but make friends at their secret places. However, that is not so in the Pastoral ministry.

The VIDEO in which he made the revelation was spotted and can be found HERE as Wysopera and others have found.

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