If she is not ready to get married after my proposal, will I be wrong if I get the one who is ready?

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A Man will propose to a woman because he loves her and he is ready for marriage, but when she says 'no' to his proposal, she is actually killing his dream. What should a man do when he is ready to be a husband but she is not ready?

Weddingwire.com states that people might not be ready to get married because they do not feel connected to their partners, They do not want the same thing or they just enjoy independency. There are people on the other hand who believe that when she says she is not ready for marriage, a man should go and get the one who is ready.

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What I read on Wedding wire makes me believe that when a man propose to a lady and she says she is not ready for marriage, what he needs to do before making further steps is to find out the reasons why she is not ready. Sometimes she might say she is not ready because she was caught off guard and needed sometime and motivation to agree to it.

I remember watching an American sitcom called Friends and I saw a character called Mike telling his girlfriend Phoebe Buffay that he is not getting married again after his first marriage failed. Phoebe left Mike and met another guy called David. When Mike heard that David was about to propose to Phoebe, he realised what kind of a mistake he had made and so he ran back to her with a marriage proposal.

See them on this short clip: https://youtu.be/HPzHH-Vpg4w

From this I learnt that people tend to take their time in making the decision of getting married. Remember that we are coming from families of different backgrounds. A lady might not be ready to get married because she is not ready to leave her home, she might not be ready to get married because she is scared of the same things that her mother went through in the hands of her father.

I highly believe that finding another person who is ready to get married is not a bad idea but the decision should not be rushed. It should not be rushed because the one who said she was not ready might take a quick turn while you are already making plans with the other one and then your mind will be filled with confusion.

I believe love is patient, if you really love her you would wait. That thing called marriage is not to be rushed. But definitely ask for reasons as to why.

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