'Do Not Compare Yourself With Anyone'; Akothee States In Her Recent Post


Life can never be the same to everyone. People run different life races in different times. This therefore means if you are an individual who keeps on comparing yourself to others, you will be unfair to your own self. After all there are always unique battles for each and everyone.

Akothee born Ester Akoth has reminded her Instagram account audience that there is no need of one to compare one's life with others. She added that you cannot decifer what journey others have trodden to the achievement.

This statement could be implied that she has gone through a lot to be branded as one of the most influencial Kenyan women as well as top 20 richest musicians in Africa.

Akothee was not born in riches and all what she has now is through her determination. What she exactly did to reach at the top is best known to herself. But all what can be deduced is that you have no choice to be born in poverty but you can choose to not remain in it.

Akothee' statement which she termed as 'Life Rules' could serve as a reminder that the ignorant comparison will simply end up making one disappointed and humiliated. This is how positively some reacted to the post:

It is with great hope that you are going to follow the principle to the latter. Thank you for the reading.

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