Meet Uhuru's Son Who Is A Fashion Designer Making Clothes From Local Materials

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The handsome man above is called Jaba Kenyatta but he is always Muhoho which is Uhuru Kenyatta's younger brother's name. Jaba Kenyatta is the second born of the current and fourth president of Kenya, Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta and first lady Margaret Kenyatta. He has spent most of his academic life studying in foreign countries abroad. Muhoho is just an extraordinary and unique child who despite being born in a family of famous successful politicians, he decided to venture in what he likes to build himself and also get money from his own sweat.

When Jaba Kenyatta finished school, he came back to Kenya and started a fashion and design company called Nomadic Fashion Company due to his love and great sense in fashion. Jaba designs clothes from local materials like khangas to make vitenge dresses, trousers and swimwear for unisex.His first design was a pair of trousers of which he made 100 of them per day selling them at sh2,000 each. He made his first debut at Kenya Fashion week in 2013.

The fashionista has also won an award for the best showcase designer award for his commendable efforts in the fashion industry. See some of his nomadic designs below;

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