Nhlanhla request for LucasRadebe to lead the department of Arts and Culture, see what SA says

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We need "experience or qualification to run gov departments, NOT Cadre deployment.

We require some1 like @siphohotstix or @LucasRadebe paired with a young qualified/experienced sportsman/artist to lead the department of Sports, Arts & Culture. Now what you are saying is right. I see you didn't smoke your things today. Those eff in tshwane who broke decorations and throwing chairs to the speaker didn't smoke anything because such behaviour suits individuals who are higher than what Nhlanhlalux said here, Hooligans.breaking chairs and throwing tantrums. They have been like this from the onset. Malema should run for Joburg mayor because it's a problematic post. That's their problem,, and they can voice their grievances without killing a fly and win. 

When we told them that they're their leaders have always lied that their movement will ALWAYS be APOLITICAL, The Celtic responses were fast and furious, 

1). Penny ANC

2). Nhlanhla “I'm working with ANC ministers”

3). Victoria Actions then flipped to PA

4).Mangalani- biggesr sellout, You are in the same pocket,, unfortunately. Your handlers are running the country, ask them to do these things. Julius Malema's pockets are fool while you walk like Hyena. Infarct you look like a biltong. 

Broer —, please. Being a musician and actually having knowledge in public administration and governance are two different things. 

What you really need in government is competence, and competence is measured by some theoretical experience in the field and practical experience. 



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