Sheilah Nakabuye Is Dead

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NBS Television has Twitted on its official page saying;

"VIDEO: Pain that words can't express! Till we meet again Sheilah Nakabuye."

NBS TV South Western Uganda (Mbarara) bureau chief Sheilah Nakabuye has died a day after giving birth. She developed complications shortly after the delivery of a healthy baby girl. Had been in coma for a few hours before passing away.

"Rip Sheila you were one of my favorite news reporters & the fact we shared the same birthday was cool," tweeted Andrew.

At thirty years old, she has done so much for the Uganda media. She had a degree in Journalism and worked with both local Radio and TV programs. She has been in the field working on different stories. She is popularly known for her compassion in reporting on vulnerable groups of women and children.

Hopefully, the young kid left behind finds proper care and attention. It is really crucial she is given the best Medicare for its health and survival. All shall be well.

Her efforts in the western part of the region will be forever be appreciated. She gave it all. Rip Sheilah. Opera News Hub sends condolences to the family and friends of Sheila.

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