"What Are They Up to?" Questions emerge As Men In Yellow Do This To Mama Mboga And Hawkers.


In Kenya, a number of things are done day by day which just leave many dumbfounded. This happens all round, right from the music, politics and many other institutions. However, politics seems to have moved to another level. As 2022 is approaching, political leaders are once again in a rush to gunner votes.

Agents dressed in Uniforms branded UDA have been spotted collecting IDs from a number of people. This is happening in Kahawa West whereby middle class are majorly their target. A massive number of Vegetable vendors and Hawkers have been confirmed to have released their IDs.

However, residents have rumoured that they are in an ongoing registration for the UDA party membership. This is following a tweet by blogger Robert Alai and how Kenyans have reacted to it. Can this be true as other Kenyans have claimed? Kindly drop your opinions.

In the comment section too, a number of Kenyans have noted that it's not a new thing. It has been seen in many parts of the country still. However, as for the Kawawa area, this seems true. In accordance to all the evidences gathered, check out the photos below:

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