'I Am Grateful That I Left My Hubby. I Don't Want Him Back, I Need A New Sweet Love' A Lady Narrates


The rate of divorce in marriage has caused many families to tear apart. Women go through Alot in marriage which causes them pain and agony. Some seem to be happy if they are able to leave the marriage. Here is a story of a woman named Rose Williams alias on Tuko News who shared a painful story about her marriage. According to her she has been cooking for her husband side lover without knowing.

Madam Rose gave her appreciation to the Tuko members who had been supporting her financially and emotionally. She never expected that kind of massive support even when she told them not to support her.

According to interview, rose narrated how her husband has never attempted to call or reach her. She also affirmed that she has forgiven him but will not accept him into her life again. She is happy with her current life and hope to find a new lover.

She advised women that are heartbroken to move close to God so that their healing will be established. She also encouraged People to have spiritual guidance and counsellor.

She's happy and never regretted her separation from her husband Because it has changed her life to positive. We hope she enjoys her new found life and be happy.

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