PHOTOS: Makhadzi's house is to die for, Take a look inside and outside of her luxurious house

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Started from the dusty streets of Venda, two become one of the best performer in the country. That's how one can describe Makhadzi Muimbi. She started by performing in taxi ranks and in front of shops with vision and dream to become the best that she is currently today in South Africa.

Makhadzi is not just a local musician, She is international and have been booked in several African countries. At the age of 25, Makhadzi has achieved a lot for someone of her age through hardwork and dedication. 7 months ago, the musician shared on the social media platforms that she has bought a multimillion rand house in Sandton for herself.

Before buying a house for herself, Makhadzi started building a 10-room house for her mother and, 8 room fully when is the house for her father, since her mother and father are separated and not staying in the same place. Makhadzi have also announced that she has also built 5 room for her granny.

Overall, The Matorikisi hitmaker has built 3 different houses before she decided to buy a house for herself. Makhadzi was born in July 1996 and she will be 26 years old as of 2022. However, She has achieved a lot for such young age.

Makhadzi house is located in Fourways, Sandton. The house is luxurious and that one that many people envy to have. The kitchen, lounge and the interior decoration is to die for. On top of that, Makhadzi house has a swimming pool and it's a double storey.

Judging from how the house looks and where it is situated, it is without a doubt that one can conclude, She has spent a fortune on the houses.

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