EFF Help A Lady After They Stole Here Ipad See Here

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We always celebrate those who have the heart to help other people because we live in a community where you cannot distinguish good people and bad people because the criminals also have a way to deceive Society.

Economic Freedom Fighters member is celebrating after a scale and iPad which was stolen from a lady.

Today I managed to rescue a sister who was robbed an iPad by this gentleman sitting on the ground. We called the police, who came after 2hours. The guy is behind bars and sister received her iPad. https://t.co/vmIiN42Wpb.

Here is what people are saying.

Very good job as an active citizenship,this is dangerous but it be be done after all.but respect people identity in the future by covering their faces even @SAPoliceService are doing it u can only reveal an identity after they appeared in court.

That is utter rubbish and u are more than welcome 2 ur opinion or perception about me.i have no need to defend myself against u.we can live to disagree with each other but to nurse ur emotions can never be my job.theres laws in this country and we have adopted them & voted MPs.

Execute lawfully and comply with the laws of the country.citizen arrest is permissible in law but responsible.i still applaud the brother with what he did.



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