ODM Politician Meets With His Excellency Joseph Oded to discuss Israel-Palestine Situation


This morning, the Nairobi County woman member to the National assembly has discussed with the Israel ambassador to Kenya His Excellency Joseph Oded. Ms. Esther Passaris led a delegation of members of Parliament dubbed "Kenya-Israel parliamentary friendship group". Speaking to the media shortly after the meeting, Ms. Passaris highlighted that the meeting intended to evaluate the developing issue of the Israel-Palestine conflict. She confirmed to Israel that Kenya supports its mission to protect its citizens against terrorist attacks. She however says that Kenya does not take sides in the conflict and that Kenya advocates for a truce between the two warring Nations.

The Israel ambassador to Kenya on his part said that he was pleased with the support of the Kenyan people in these hard times. He also said that this engagement was important to allow the government of Israel to explain its position as opposed to media reports. He said that media reports were for the most part misleading and unreliable. This is the first time that Israel has briefed the Kenyan Brothers on what is transpiring between Israel and Palestine.

Israel has been at war with Palestine militia since last week. The conflict started when Israel's Supreme Court issued a vacate warrant against Palestinian refugees living in Jerusalem. The government moved with speed and removed the Palestinians within Jerusalem territory. This action triggered a retaliatory measure by The Hamas Militia group within Gaza. The Militia group launched dozens of rockets into the Israel territory killing civilians. Israel responded by destroying Hamas structures within Palestine. The Middle East Media organization known as Al Jazeera suffered in the process after their buildings were brought down by Israel rockets. Israel had said that the Militia group were hiding in the buildings using people as human shields.

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