Why mother killed her two kids and put them in the freezer.

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A woman who killed two of her children and put them in a freezer was sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole. She said it was because the two had molested her younger child.Michelle Blair of Detroit, Michigan pleaded guilty to the crimes and showed no remorse, on one occasion out bursting in court.

Michele is alleged to have killed her 9 year old son and put him in a freezer and then a year later her 13 year old daughter who she also put in a freezer. The girl's father, who is not with Michelle, allegedly knew about abuse in the household.

Judge Dana Hathaway had this to say as she delivered the court's sentence, "As a mother your first duty is to protect your children and you failed.

You are therefore sentenced to the Michigan department of corrections for the rest of your natural life without the possibility of parole.

Despite what happened to you as a child you had the opportunity to grow up. You had the opportunity to become an adult. You had the opportunity to make your own decisions. Stoney and Stevie are never going to have that".

Michelle later told True Crime she would do it again.




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